Shanghai daojin exhibition service limited company set up in 2004 year 4 month, Is shanghai can unfold trade association member unit, Is a profession engage in unfold can home court undertake construction, Very installs exhibit booth design fabrication, Build, Displays hall, Exclusive agency, Shoppe's design fabrication, Enterprise large-scale activity, Itinerant exhibit machinate fabricate and show equipment rent wait for business comprehensive can unfold serve company.
    Company has come from in profession art colleges and universities, Possesses enrich show design empirical designer troop, Creat originality unique, Design new, Especially is good at large-scale exhibit booth design; Has know profession flow, Accuse aspect possess abundant empirical project management personnel at project palm; Have strict administer system 's fabricate factory and skilled worker. Skilful fabricate craft and abundant scene construction experience, Many times win in the field and consumer 's praise.
    High power honest style, High quality professional service, Honest faithful occupation personal integrity are we successful basis, Also are we all the time esteem line trade rule. Ever since we already have carried on China petrification, Large er si, Samsung electron, Sony, Exhibition Song, Germany south chemistry group, Smelt mine axletree, Far East axletree group, Three friend, Israel chemical industry group, Exceeds human relations, Great fortune enterprise, YCC, Yao enterprise, Audi tyrant, Fly rainbow, Wei bang, New big industry, Loves di shi, Three sums, Superstar, Honor reach, Kuei, Ten thousand benefit, Splendor, Five happinesses, Ten thousand alliance, Wilson, North village, Stands flourishing machine, Forest wood, Feng stand, Power lion, Black capital, North Lun fu tuo, Fast beauty, Great Tai, Appoints hundred million gears, Luck along, Permanence become, New flavour Kang, The whole world, Hans, Ten thousand treasures, Catch with net beauty mechanical and electrical, A pair of sheep, Tai feng, Sets up a business, Han Dynasty picture trade, Sunshine celebrate east waits for a lot of domestic and abroad known industrial exhibit booths design with fabrication job, Repeatedlies obtain favorable comment, And and they establish rise long-term friendly cooperation relation.
    Along with show economic rise and consumer's trust, We also acquire by leaps and bounds development. Business involves science and technology, Finance, Medicine, Industry automatization, Real estate, Machine, Dress spinning, Consumes electron, Food beverage, Cosmetic, Toy gift a lot of trade domains, Successively at Beijing and Shenzhen increase open fabricate factory, At Xi'an, Chengdu, Xiamen, Qingdao, Zhengzhou establish cooperate agency, A business develop face to whole nation.
    Favorable circumstances and challenge co-existent, We not does dare lax advancing footfall. Good faith, Innovation, Profession, Are our seek and faith.
    We all the time at effort, Do we will do 's better!
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